Quote of the week

"The best way out is always through."

- Robert Frost

It's this wonderful time of year when I unplug, spend lots of time with friends & family, have some silly summer fun with my kiddos, hang out with them in the park or pool or ice parlor, keep the BBQ warm, have lots of cappuccini outside, and even more colorful drinks with colorful straws, and enjoy some unscheduled days relaxing and reloading my batteries.


Well, I will not be completely offline. I will continue posting random stuff about my loves and my life on INSTAGRAM. And thanks to latergram I will make sure that you get your daily dose of color, smiles and a little extra happiness there. ;-)


Have a great summer, wherever you'll be. Let having fun be the first thing on your agenda. I am looking forward to seeing you either on Instagram or back here in September. xxxOOO



I feel extremely honored to be speaking at the „Donum Vitae Convention" in September! I will be talking about my favorite topic, how much my daughter has enriched my life, changed my attitude, and helped me to become a better person. I will be talking about how devastated I was when I learned about her diagnosis and that I was convinced I will never ever be happy again, and never ever smile. I will be talking what I learned about beauty, society and that we are all vulnerable and afraid of something. How to be curious, and not judgemental. I will be talking about how I got back on my feet again. Fall seven times, get up eight. And that every crisis is a chance to grow. I will be talking that we all can change and believe in ourselves. I will be talking about the last twelve years of our journey living life with a little extra - the ups and downs. I guess I will do a lot of talking ... :-)


I believe the target group of this conference is more "specialists". But if you ever get a chance to visit this seminar - then definitely please say hi!!


You can read their flyer HERE.


Since it's Throwback Thursday today .... I remembered that I took a photo of Juliana in the same neighborhood seven years ago. She has always loved to dress colorful, only her smile became more confident now. ;-)







The day of our shoot everything seemed to go wrong. Barbara & Alex and her sweet & wild little supermodel Emma  were vacationing at the Lake of Constance (Bodensee) and on their way up to Stuttgart they had a few bad incidents with their car so they first thought they wouldn't even make it. Everybody else would have probably arrived in the worst mood ever, not so these rockstars.


This, once again, made me aware that attitude in life is EVERYTHING! We all have days where everything just seems to go wrong and where we struggle. Something I learned is that happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them. That we always have to look at what we have, instead of what we have lost. And what our grandmas told us: „This, too, shall pass." Everything in life is temporary. If things are good right now. Enjoy it, because it won't last forever. If things are bad right now, don't you worry. It won't last forever either.


These guys are true rockstars, because they've got it all figured out. They went through their worst, and arrived at their best. They have learned to (rock'n') roll with life, instead of resisting it. They learned to dance in the rain, to trust their intuition, to cherish the moments, and to learn through experience. The good and the bad ones.


As always a picture is worth a thousand words .... soak it all in ... the Emma & family goodness and be inspired to find strength to laugh every day. Have a beautiful day, everyone!




Now I know why we girls are all shoe addicts! You've got to have yellow sunshine boots!!!! :-)




Barbara tried a cute pose at the fountain ... but just for seconds .... because ....


... the little lady immediately took over ;-)


... and imitated Mom! ;-)


She's soooo flippin' cute!!!! And so much fun to be around!!!!! We attracted so many "fans" watching her with big smiles in their faces.


The cutest pouting face ever! 


And yes, she surely knows how strike a pose!





And who can do THAT pose!!!? :-)


This image says it all! Enjoy life now - this is not a rehearsal!



Here it finally is: JUVELAN's lookbook #15: The Filigree Pixie Dust. We are all huge believers in fairy tales, because sometimes we all need a little magic. I absolutely love Johan's latest creation, a collection in my favorite colors pink & mint. While Johan was designing these beautiful pieces, our pixie dust model Melanie Ortner-Stassen happened to knock on his door. At this time Melanie was about to getting hitched and in need of bridal jewelry for herself and her bridesmaids. Johan was immediately inspired by her cute looks, beautiful big eyes, blonde short haircut and beaming smile, because she reminded him a bit of Tinkerbell (in case you didn't know, Johan is the greatest Walt-Disney-Fan ever, and his DVD library is my kids' envy ;-). It all fell perfectly into place. We had the collection, we had the model, and we knew what location we wanted.


The day of our shoot the weather was perfect - like everything else. I couldn't wish for a better team. These guys make my heart skip a beat. In case you have missed our goofy little making-of, here it is. Melanie was such a lucky find! She's definitely my kind of girl. Melanie is super cute and beautiful, has a heart of gold (and a makeup in gold as well, haha), a zeal for living it up, both fun and funny, and absolutely knows how to work in front of a camera. It was definitely one of my most comfortable, fun and enjoyable experiences.


Now onto our 15th lookbook. I feel so darn proud and happy to be part of it all. Here's to our amazing team, I love every single one of them! Please enjoy - because no one is too old for fairy tales!


Melanie was incredible. Although we met at 6:30 a.m. in the morning and did this light check (it was so magical at this peace and quiet time early morning to watch the mist wafting over the lake), this girl was in the best mood ever (which is not self-granted for a musical star who works in the evenings ;-)


Yes, we can make people fly! :-)
























This beautiful summer month couldn't start any better than with these rockstars - they always bring a huge smile to my face! Keep your face to the sun and have a wonderful August, everyone!