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Always act like you are wearing an invisible crown.

Please enjoy a few impressions of our latest B'n'C Workshop held at Barbara's lovely and brand new natural light studio in Augsburg. Again, we were blessed with a super talented group of students who truly made our day. When Barbara and I were starting out we wished we had the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. At our workshops we are sharing ours, and give our students our perspectives on business and shooting. We are sharing our thought process behind developing our business and all the things we've done to promote our business. We always prefer a small group of people with eight students max, so it's sort of like an "all-you-can-ask-buffet". :)



A huge THANK-YOU to our wonderful sponsor JUVELAN who really spoilt our ladies!


The peach desserts and raspberry cheesecake muffins helped us to get our sugar fix :-)


This time we included a little practice and showed how to find the best available light and background in difficult shooting situations with dark skies, sun & shade ... and little time at hand. Our sweet Model Elaine rocked our mini session big time.







Work hard and be kind, and amazing things will happen. One of my favorite and most motivating quotes. And it's true. My good friend Kevin Tarte has been working really really hard (and is always nice), and had a big announcement yesterday. I couldn't be any prouder that his long-awaited record „Reflection" is finally to be released on November 14! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so HAPPY for him and his killer team who all worked their magic and did a fantastic job. It's not only the perfect Christmas gift! It's a daily treat for your ears, so make yourself happy - I know you'll love it, too!


Kevin is one of the people who are a 100 % authentic and honest, and his music is soul food. My favorite tunes on this CD are „Remember", „Into the west", and „As long as you're mine". When I listen to them I get goosebumps, stop whatever I am doing and get really emotional. In a good way. :)


Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend - the weather is supposed to be awesome!


It's been awfully quiet around here, the last four weeks have been crazy busy with deadlines and nice projects, I hope I'll get a chance to blog about all that soon. Certainly one of my highlights if not THE highlight was another fashion shoot with my beloved muse Tamara - the girl with the freckles (who is almost 19 years old - OMG time flies!). That day Tamara had been accompanied by a TV team (the report will be aired soon on „Volle Kanne - ZDF"). When they interviewed me why I love having photo shoots with Tamara, I was - as always - a bit at a loss of the right words, because I am so flippin' nervous in front of every camera. When I came home and looked at the results of our shoot, I knew immediately why I so much enjoy and love shooting Tamara. ;-)


Tamara always lives in the moment. Always. If she likes someone, she shows it right away. (And if she doesn't like someone, she also shows it, haha!) You get spoilt with heartfelt hugs and kisses and compliments and lots of love. When she's modeling and posing, Tamara never thinks about how she looks, whether it's her „attractive side" (Schokoladenseite), she's never nervous or doubtful or fearful or timid or self-conscious. Instead, she's always full of zest for life and in a good mood. She radiates so much that everybody is immediately drawn to her. She lights up every room she walks into. Her smile and love is contagious. Tamara is a girl you can't help but LOVE. She definitely makes this world a better place.


Please enjoy a few images of our little shoot and fall head over heels in love again with this beautiful girl with the freckles. I hope you'll leave this place with a big smile on your face! :)












Tamara and her awesome hair stylist Gaby of Future Hair.



I can't help but in the right image Tamara definitely is as graceful as an Audrey Hepburn. 




Gaby treated us all to some super-yummy PURPLE Prosecco which is the new Hugo, haha!


The other day we had the great pleasure of shooting MARK SEIBERT's Calendar 2015 which will be published soon. If I wouldn't have known that Mark is quite a popular and very talented musical star, I would have been strongly convinced that this handsome guy is making his living through modeling. Seriously. It's just too much talent for one single guy. The evening after our shoot when I downloaded my chip cards, I couldn't believe my eyes. Every shot a hit. No blinking eye, no nothing to sort out. Modeling just comes easy for him.


Freddy and Ulli had lots of fun filming a few scenes from our shoot. It was a real joy and honor hanging out with Mark that day. He's such a nice guy, very polite, very charming, very modest, very down-to-earth, and a great host. He made it really easy for us.


Please enjoy another one of Freddy's fun behind-the-scene-reels which is certainly lots of eye candy! :) 

October 7, 2014 // Workshop
Nur noch zwei Wochen bis zu unserem nächsten B'n'C-Workshop - yippiiiii! Sehen wir uns?