Every now and then I travel to Switzerland to either give a photography workshop for beginners and photo enthusiasts  ... or photograph some of the nicest families. Barbara and her four boys (and three dogs!) are one of them. Barbara has been super engaged with her (down syndrome) organization „insieme". I always leave them inspired and motivated ... there is still so much room to try new things.


We're all in this together! I'm really grateful for doing what I do, and that only awesome people knock on my door. :-)


Please enjoy a few images of this rad family and have a great (soccer!?) evening! ;-)












June 20, 2016 // Advice / Artist

Yesterday I was so fortunate to go on three different hikes with family and friends. On weekdays after lunch I usually just go by myself. Nature can be healing. And nature is always an inspiration. If we're stuck in a creative rut, the best way out is just to unplug and recharge.


Every time I get to hang out with my wonderful friend Kevin, I leave inspired and empowered. „Go into nature and leave your phone alone. Give yourself a break from the world of people. Don't look at a screen, don't listen to music, don't check Facebook, just give yourself an hour of looking at this world that has nothing to do with humans."


Happy Monday, everyone! Try to go for a walk this week, and leave all technology at home. And then let me know how it felt. ;-)


Attention ladies: this post might give you an instant dopamine hit - or worse: will cause some serious baby fever. I had the huge pleasure of having this super adorable Italian beauty in front of my camera for the second time. And when I thought the first time that it can't get any sweeter, I was wrong. It did. Little Sienna came with her most contagious smile and the cutest outfit, and made everyone fall in love with her instantly. Her wonderful parents Sybille and Ciro are already quite busy with taking her of her fanclub.


Please enjoy this overdose of sunshine, which will for sure make you forget all the rain lately. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


















June 13, 2016 // Advice / Artist / My life

The other day this quote appeared in my news feed: „Do you ever just crave someone's presence." It took me a moment to get it, because when I think about cravings, I immediately think about chocolate and everything related to it. ;-)


So besides all the chocolate and assuming my family is here, the person who came into my mind is my best buddy Freddy who's currently in Sweden. He is definitely someone whose presence I miss when he's out of town, which is quite often due to his busy work. He is one of the most positive and enthusiastic people I ever met. He's a true sunshine in rainy days, and it's impossible to stay in a bad mood when you're around him. No matter how bad a situation is, he always sees the good in it. He's the most beautiful flower for all the bees. He's the flower, the sun, the rainbow, the chocolate - all in one person, haha!


Happy Monday, my friends! Whose presence do you crave today?


A couple of weeks ago I was beyond happy to finally meet 11-year-old rockstar Laurin whose life adventures I've been following probably since he was born. His beautiful mom Barbara is one of the greatest advocates for people with down syndrome I know. I was visiting Barbara in their awesome headquarter of „insieme cerebral" in Zug/Switzerland. Luckily Barbara is treating herself with a little Christmas (shopping) trip to Stuttgart every December. It has become a wonderful tradition that we meet for Glühwein or coffee at our Christmas market and catch up on the latest and greatest. With Laurin Barbara has always the funniest stories to tell.


Just a couple of years ago Barbara got an e-mail from legend and Godmother of Punk Nina Hagen. Seriously! First she couldn't believe it and thought someone was playing a trick on her. Then she remembered that Laurin had mentioned on this blog that his dream would be to meet Nina Hagen. Somehow she must have found it through google and was so enlighted that she contacted them. How flippin' awesome is that!

Barbara's biggest coup in raising down syndrome awareness  was certainly in 2010, when she and a few other was organizing a huge fashion show in Zürich where kids with down syndrome were rocking the catwalk with celebrity models.


Barbara is blessed with a super cool family, and I am so very jealous that she literally lives in vacationland. She took me out to dinner in the evening sun at the lake with a breathtaking view onto the Alpes.


Here's a little glimpse of Laurin and his rad family, please enjoy and have a happy Thursday!


Laurin and his super cute girlfriend Nina - what an awesome couple! They are BFF!


Laurin can be such a goofball ;-)