Didn't I just flip around the calendar sheet for September? And now it's already October??! Even my kids said yesterday how fast time flew after they have been back to school. October is such a wonderful time of year to get outside and enjoy the scenery. I love all the beautiful golden and rust color leaves on the trees, and the crisp, slightly chill air, but yet it's not too cold.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, and have a HAPPY October, everyone! xoxo

Please don't laugh when I admit that I'm a huge Heidi-Fan. No, not as in Germany's next topmodel. I am talking about the popular Japanese anime television series which was created back in the 1970s. The sweet girl Heidi who lives with her grandfather „Almöhi" in the beautiful Swiss Alps and who makes everyone's heart melt. The girl who has the most contagious smile and makes you leave happier than you came.


Well when cute little Greta Q and her wonderful Mom Petra came all the way from the Austrian Tirol mountains for a photo shoot, I clearly had a déja vu of the sweetest kind. This girl and Heidi are so much alike. I immediately fell in love with Greta. She's full of beans. She was running around (I finally did some workout trying to catch her! ;-) as the happiest girl of this planet. Like Heidi she lights up and soothes all the people and animals around her with her enthusiastic, generous and wonderful zest for life. When I came home that day I was still on cloud nine. To see and feel how proud her mom is of her, and how much she obviously enriches everyone's life around her, made me see all the good in this world again.


Please enjoy a few images of these insanely wonderful people - this is exactly why I love love love my job!











September 26, 2016 // Advice / Artist / My life

This weekend I had my high school reunion. On my way to my hometown I felt extremely nervous. Although I was looking forward to see a handful of people again with whom I still have contact after all these years, I also thought that I wished it would be already over. I was afraid that I wouldn't recognize everyone nor remember their names. And I was scared that people would wear their masks and start bragging about all their accomplishments, their houses and big cars and big yachts, and that it would all be so superficial.


Dang I was so wrong! The first person who walked into the room was a sweet classmate who had just lost her twin sister to breast cancer. I don't know for how many minutes we hugged and just said nothing. We didn't need to say anything, and it didn't even feel awkward. But in this very vulnerable moment I felt this intense sense of belonging and that we are all in this together, and that the sailing gets tough sometimes, but then there is this harbor. Meanwhile we were twenty people in the harbor, I mean in the room. Everyone seemed to be grateful and happy to meet everyone. The room was full of love, respect and positive energy. No one talked about their yacht or title or whatsoever. We were a huge family, everyone dared to be vulnerable, no one came with a mask. We all felt understood and welcomed. I haven't felt something like this in a great time, if at all. It was truly a homecoming. I realized that we all have this great desire to belong. The desire to be truly accepted for who we really are. This feeling can't be beaten. That day we were all reminded that we are not alone. That we all have a place. And to my great surprise I did remember all the faces and names. ;-)


Four years ago we fell heavily in love with our sweet model and wonderful friend Valerie Link. Ever since then Valerie has been gracing quite a few JUVELAN lookbook covers and showcasing their stellar jewelry inside these magazines and outside on many musical premieres and stages as well as on other very special celebrations like her own wedding.


How does the saying go: Never change a winning team. We could shoot with Valerie every day. She's pure magic. And we always know what we gonna get, because she's so at ease in front of my lens, very spontaneous, fun and natural yet gracious. Our photo shoots never feel like work, but more like a highly anticipated family gathering with delicious cakes and lots of champagne involved.


With my two JUVELAN gems it sometimes feels like we've been married forever, because I could swear I know them from the inside out and I feel intensely comfortable around them. But then there are times they both surprise me to the fullest. Like when Johan not only flashes us with his fabulous new jewelry masterpieces in every new lookbook, but also almost effortlessly pulls out a blueberry cake creation you could only find among pinterest's most favorites. Needless to say we killed that delicious baby in no time.


It was amazing to collaborate again with these fierce folks and this absolute dream team for this bridal shoot. Johan (the creative mind) and Freddy (the business head) are like Yin and Yang. Johan is all sky, bright, emotional and soaring, while Freddy is all earth. He's there to ground him, and Johan helps him to fly. 

Last but not least my indispensable assistant and precious friend Ulli who has been on my side for many years, ever since I embarked on my photographic journey 13 years ago. She never ever forgets anything, is extremely loyal and reliable and constantly reminds me of everything important. Like that we don't have all the time in the world during a shoot, haha! And besides all these good things work related she knows how to make my belly hurt big time from laughing together.


I hope you will enjoy our latest bridal issue and leave this place a little happier than you came.



Valerie not only sporting JUVELAN's new stellar bridal headpieces, but also this timeless dream of a bridal gown from the two wonderful noni ladies - just hot off their fall 2016 collection.














A huge thank you to my sweet girls Steffi and Susi for sponsoring these golden confetti!


What a cake!!!! Johan specializes in masterpieces of all kinds! :-)









One of our favorite hang-outs in Stuttgart-West: Tarte & Törtchen



During our break Ulli and I took the opportunity and had social media expert Johan explain snapchat to us. ;-)











One of my most favorite smiles providers and best buddy in this universe!







But now onto our latest lookbook - enjoy!

In this weekend's issue of the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" I am talking about my upcoming project (lots and lots of cute and cool rockstars with a little extra involved Q) and how our family spends their weekends. ;-)

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone! xoxo