Quote of the week

"Life is 10 % what happens to me and 90 % how I react to it."

- Charles R. Swingdoll

This beautiful summer month couldn't start any better than with these rockstars - they always bring a huge smile to my face! Keep your face to the sun and have a wonderful August, everyone!


Back in the happy and carefree days of gluten - Juliana enjoying her chocolate icecream in a cone as a chubby three-year-old at the beach. Yesterday, Juliana had a friend from school over who was once in a while checking her smartphone using WhatsApp and Instagram which is still all Greek for Juliana. We both tried to explain her the many differences of social media and came up with this fun expample (I once saw something similar in Italy in a coffee shop and loved it):


Twitter: I'm enjoying a #yummy #chocolate #icecream

Facebook: I like chocolate icecream!

Instagram: Here is a photo of my chocolate icecream #mallorca #chocolate #icecream #summertime #beach #me #sun #yummy #loveit #enjoying #photooftheday #instagood #followme

Pinterest: Here's a yummy chocolate icecream recipe

Spotify: Now listening to „Chocolate Icecream"

Foursquare: This is where I eat my yummy chocolate icecream

YouTube: Here's a video of me eating chocolate icecream

Xing: My skills in eating chocolate icecream

G+: I'm a little girl eating chocolate ice-cream

Have fun digging in the archives today and have a Happy Throwback Thursday! 

P. S. Please excuse the black shadow on the left, but the waiter photo-bombed my picture, ugh! ;-)




It's pouring down today, so I figured we could all need a little bit of sunshine. This family is my therapeutic! Every time I get to hang out with them I leave with a bigger smile and highly motivated to become the best version of myself. These guys are light-hearted, authentic, very relaxed and don't sweat the small stuff. And they are beautiful in every sense of the word. This time they introduced me to their latest cool addition to the family: labradoodle Biko. 


I'm sure you'll recognize them, because Bonnie and Tom  are gracing the cover of my latest book Außergewöhnlich. I tried really hard to hide that my eyeballs almost fell out when I saw 14-year-old Anouk. The first time I photographed her she was a supersweet and supercute 8-year-old - and now she's a stunning Jaw-dropper! Time flies way too fast for my taste, but I will spare you with this sentimental talk today, haha! 7-year-old second-grader Tom and his little five-year-old brother Cooper were such good sports again. Ugh, they are so sweet and charming, I could just eat them up! Feel free to stalk them back here, here, here, here and here and soak up a good amount of happiness! :)


What I love about Bonnie is that she's a hundred percent real. She's always honest. I could sit and talk with her over cappuccino and Prosecco for hours. I remember she said something to me - and with these words she helped me to let finally go something I was carrying around for several months. Most of my worries are homemade. Sometimes you just need the encounter and insight and opinion of another (outside) person and you feel motivated, empowered and have finally found your peace. Thank you so much, wonderful Bonnie! I'm glad I already see you again soon! Prosecco is on me this time! :-)


Please fall in love - again - with this killer family!




Look at Anouk's face when Mommy was doing her "happy dance". The older we get, the more at ease we become. We know how to seize the day and to live in the moment. And yes, we almost master to embrace the storms and dance in the rain - sometimes even singing! 


























Tomorrow we can eat broccoli, but today is for ice cream! Emma and I are buying you guys a virtual round of yummy chocolate ice cream! ;-) Thank you so much everyone for stopping by here in my little corner of the internet. Have a great start into this week - school is over soon, but I will do a few more posts before we go on summer break. See you soon! xxxOOO

I love it when someone's laugh is funnier than the joke :) Have a great sunny weekend, everyone!