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"Life is 10 % what happens to me and 90 % how I react to it."

- Charles R. Swingdoll

It's this time of year when we heavily start thinking of christmas gifts, gingerbread and glühwein, bahaha! Kidding! But. It's this time of year, when our "A little extra Wall Calendar" is hot off the press - I just got mine! - which is always pretty exciting and magical. To celebrate these 13 rockstars  with a little extra, we'll be giving away FIVE CALENDARS to five lucky readers. For a chance to win, please leave a comment below or on Facebook, leave a smile and say hi! :) The winners will be randomly drawn this Thursday at 8. p.m. Good luck, my friends! 

The calendar can be directly ordered through my wonderful publisher at the Neufeld Verlag - 365 days of sunshine, joy and big smiles guaranteed! :-)

P. S. With the end of the school year approaching, the calendar makes also an awesome gift for all awesome teachers who deserve a little extra thank you! :)


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Die Chance will ich mir natürlich nicht entgehen lassen ;)

(07.21.14 @ 05:33 PM)
Bonnie Wohlers:

Bitte, bitte IIIICH !!!!

(07.21.14 @ 06:56 PM)

Für diesen tollen Kalender interessiere ich mich auch...

(07.21.14 @ 09:11 PM)
Alexandra :

Ja, ja, ja, ..............

(07.22.14 @ 10:00 AM)

...weil der neue bestimmt so toll ist wie der alte!

(07.22.14 @ 10:54 AM)

Natürlich springe ich in den Lostopf! Schon das Titelbild verspricht wieder viel!

(07.22.14 @ 02:32 PM)
Katharina (Sonea Sonnenschein):

Der Kalender darf natürlich auch nächstes Jahr nicht an unserer Wand fehlen! Ich muss jedes Mal lächeln, wenn ich an unserem Kalender vorbei laufe... und das soll im nächsten Jahr doch auch so sein, oder?
Außerdem hoffe ich sooooo sehr, dass wir spätestens nächstes Jahr auch mal wieder ein little-extra-Shooting mit meiner Lieblingsfotografin haben. Auf unsere Cappuccino vs. Cocktails -Verabredung möchte ich aber nicht bis in 2015 warten müssen. Ich drück Dich ganz feste

(07.22.14 @ 03:25 PM)

Alle Jahre wieder...auch unser Versuch, einen zu gewinnen! LG Annette & Lina BIG SMILE

(07.23.14 @ 08:08 AM)
July 21, 2014 // Advice / Artist

Last week a close friend of mine dropped me an e-mail asking me for my opinion as an outsider on a certain case that had happened in his family, and he wanted to know how I would feel about it or what I would do. I thought about it for a while, listened to my gut feeling about it, and then started drafting my answer. After a lot of „I would probably do this and that"s, I came up with a much better reply, since I figured I only know a few pieces of this complex puzzle. I remembered that I once gathered and wrote down a certain set of my personal „true rules" I sincerely try to live by. Our own values are the core principles that define who we are and how we want to live. Every time I am uncertain about something, these personal guidelines always help me to make a decision or how to react to something. And to quote Roy Disney: It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are." It always works. So I picked a few of my „rules" that I believe will help him find his answer:

Pay careful attention to anything you try to hide.

Always be honest.

Always be authentic.

Whatever you do, can you look at yourself in the mirrow and feel good about it.

Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Have a great start into this week, everyone! I just came back from visiting friends in Bad Hersfeld .... batteries reloaded and super happy! :-)


Five years ago I already had the great pleasure of photographing this awesome family. Two years ago they added another cool family member - Frederic - who looks just like his big brother Levi when I first photographed him at the same age.


Daniela and Fabrice have insane chemistry. They laugh a lot, they are very laid-back, they are beautiful inside and out - they are just straight up amazing! Daniela has killer freckles - wow!!! So so pretty!!!! The day of our shoot it rained like crazy and it was super dark outside. We had planned a shoot in their cute backyard, but impossible. In situations like this it shows people's attitudes. They were very relaxed about it, and instead, we had so much fun indoor. Their boys were so cooperative - total troopers!


Fabrice is a tennis teacher and we realized that we know a lot of people in common. Stuttgart is a little village! When we talked about family vacations, I enthusiastically told him about our last family trip to Bolzano and that he would have loved our hotel, because there was a tennis court just around the corner. His answer first surprised me, but then totally made sense: Vacation is vacation, I don't play tennis there, because it's my profession and I need a break from it. And this is exactly what I feel. When vacationing, I no longer take my big camera with me (about which I feel really bad, but I need a break as well). Just the iPhone. Last year in Gran Canaria I didn't even take pictures, just made goofy iPhone videos, which was lots of fun.


Now onto this super rad family of four who bring a big smile to my face. Happy Thursday again, everyone!




















Ugh, Throwback Thursdays give me the perfect excuse to walk down memory lane and diggin' deep down in my archives (for hours!). This photo of my muse is 10 years old. At that time our local charity group 46PLUS was just founded and growing and we used this image for one of our first poster campaigns. Enjoy your Thursday! xxxOOO (those are bear hugs ;-)


I always love seeing what really goes on behind the camera, so I thought I'd share a little behind-the-scenes of our latest JUVELAN lookbook shoot „Filigree Pixie Dust" to also get you guys excited when it will be published soon. Let's say this goofy little reel is the making-of of the making-of (bahaha!), because our talented film director Liesbeth Vandamme will spoil us with another awesome making-of later this summer.


The people (crew) at a shoot are the most important asset. They make things happen. Feeling comfortable is crucial. For the last three years my two JUVELAN heroes always brought along the most incredible and wonderful and talented and beautiful and fun people. Hangin' with this crew is like hanging out with family. I'm so darn proud to be a part of all this magic unfolding. Now onto this fun little movie which was spontaneously filmed by my wonderful assistant Ulli ... and Johan - JUVELAN's creative mind himself! You're happily invited to hangin' with our crew - enjoy! :)