Quote of the week

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

- Dr. Seuss

This beautiful HAPPY smile makes it a lot easier to accept that summer is clearly over. Luckily every season has its own magic and beauty. Happy October, everyone!


If you've been following JUVELAN, have been visiting the musical Tarzan or have been craving a steak in the [m]eatery, then these two lovebirds may not be complete strangers to you. Just a couple of months ago we've had the great pleasure of having the lovely MELANIE ORTNER-STASSEN as our JUVELAN model in our Filigree Pixie Dust Lookbook shoot. Working with Melanie is a dream. Not only is she ridiculously beautiful and so at ease in front of the camera, she's also so full of humor, down-to-earth and easy-going - a girl with the right attitude. We had so much fun and all clicked at our last shoot that we instantly decided that we have to work together again.


This time JUVELAN is extra proud to have Melanie as their gorgeous model again, because Melanie is not only a musical star, but also a (so-called) „real bride". This year July 7, Melanie and her long-time sweetheart Peter tied the knot, and Melanie was wearing Johan's beautiful jewelry handmade with love.


If you've been working in the musical industry, PETER STASSEN is quite a familiar name or brand to you. It's amazing how many balls this crazy talented guy can juggle at once in the air (not literally, ha!). He is singer, actor, agent, producer, manager ... and as of lately: model! :) Melanie would laugh now and add: „He's definitely no dancer, though." Although at our „After Wedding shoot" we all observed some hidden talent, quite the cool moves and stuntlike jumps, and were pretty impressed. :) I absolutely love Peter's humor! Some time at the shoot we stopped calling him Peter, and continued calling him Chandler Bing (remember Friends?). Peter is as easy-going as Melanie and super creative. He always came up with new neat ideas which made the shoot and hanging out with these guys ten times more fun.


To sum it all up: These guys are the perfect match! They know how to have a good time, and always leave room to laugh at themselves. In case you have missed our goofy little making-of - filmed by my best buddy Freddy and my exquisitely wonderful assistant Ulli - you can watch it HERE

I could go on and go on about these folks, but I will better let the images do the talking. Please enjoy and have a happy Monday!






































Now onto our 16th Lookbook - Let's celebrate Love!

Ihr Lieben!

Es ist wieder soweit! Bereits heute in einem Monat findet unser nächster B'n'C Workshop statt (YEAHHH!) und wir würden uns riesig freuen, wenn Ihr mit dabei wärt! Dieses Mal lernen, lachen, powern, ermutigen und inspirieren wir Euch in Barbaras coolem neuen Tageslicht-Studio in Augsburg. Bringt ruhig Eure Kameras mit, denn wir haben ein süßes Model und werden Euch zeigen, wie man auch in schwierigen Shooting-Situationen trotzdem das beste Licht findet, das Model motiviert und ermutigt und gute Bilder erzielt. 

Unser Haupt-Fokus liegt wie immer bei der Neugeborenen-, Kinder- & Familienfotografie und ganz besonders im Marketing und Sales. Wir wollen die Gruppe wieder gemütlich überschaubar und klein halten, so dass keiner zu kurz kommt und wir alle Eure Fragen beantworten können, die Euch auf dem Herzen liegen. 

Am 21. Oktober ist es soweit - wir freuen uns auf Euch!


Barbara und ich waren am Mittwoch auf der Photokina und wir wollen Euch darüber ein wenig berichten und Euch unsere Lieblings-Dienstleister vorstellen.



Today I would like to give a huge birthday shout-out to one of my best buddies and my business-partner-in-crime: the one and only Fredrik Andersson! In case you are wondering why I post this super goofy and insanely ridiculous group shot of one of our last photo shoots (we attempted a cool hipster hip-hop-kinda-group-shot where you have to look extremely serious in order to appear extremely cool - but I failed big time ;-), but this photo just says it all.


Life can be tough sometimes, we all have our struggles, turning on the news doesn't make it better, there is so much suffering and negativity in this world. The more important it is to keep a positive attitude, and taking life sometimes not too serious. Freddy is one of those gems who always have a positive attitude, who  make you smile, who encourages and empowers you, who is always authentic and real. He's one of those people who can laugh about himself the hardest, and with whom you can share aching belly laughs, and be total goofballs. Sometimes I think this is crucial to stand all this above and to weather the storms.


I am beyond grateful to have Freddy as my dear friend. My family also loves him to pieces. With him work never feels like work. He's one of those people who just make your day a little brighter simply by being in it. Happy happy Birthday!!!! May blessings pour down really really hard on you today! :-)


Last week we did a so-called „After-Wedding-Shoot" with JUVELAN's „real bride" Melanie Ortner-Stassen and Peter Stassen, and would love to give you a first little fun peek behind the scenes. Please enjoy the awesomeness that is Melanie & Peter and have a great start into this week!