My name is Conny Wenk.

I’m a lifestyle photographer based in Stuttgart/Germany specialicing in portraits, commercial, kids, love, happy smiles and lots of belly laughs. Photography has always been my great passion. But thanks to my darling muse Juliana, who turned my whole world upside down 19 years ago, my passion became my profession. I love showing people how beautiful they are.


Thank you so much for stopping by here!



I believe that there is so much more to beauty than what meets the eye. We are all different and special in our own ways. When we meet people, let us don't just reach for their eyes, but dig deeper and reach for their hearts as well. Because a truly beautiful person has always something special to offer.


The girl that turned my whole world upside down.

Meet my little assistant Juliana. My 19-year-old daughter. My darling muse. My inspiration. My motivation. My light. My love. My little buddha. My lesson. She taught me how to love unconditionally and to always see the good in people first. She taught me to see beauty with my heart first, and my eyes second.


Spreading love and positivity one person at a time.
There truly is no better education in life like adversity. People who rise from adversity inspire me the most.


Give me coffee, macarons and bubbles, and I'll be set. ;-)