HAPPY MONDAY – 30 happy habits

The people we spend the most time with or the people we look up to and who inspire us shape who we are and have a great influence on how we live our life. It’s crucial to maintain an environment of positive and inspiring people and experiences in our own life, then we are likely to become a product of our surroundings.

One of my role models once gave me this wonderful list of happy habits … and trust me, looking at this list and implementing it in your life, helps … a lot. Have a happy Monday, everyone!

People do not decide their futures. They decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.

F. M. Alexander


01  Be kind
02  Eat well
03  Exercise
04  Meditate
05  Be honest
06  Dream big
07  Be patient
08  Judge less
09  Smile often
10  Love yourself
11  Forgive people
12  Show gratitude
13  Think positively
14  Drink lots of water
15  Believe in yourself
16  Keep an open mind
17  Put your needs first
18  Volunteer
19  Walk in nature
20  Listen more
21  Choose faith over fear
22  Read more
23  Avoid social comparison
24  Support a charity of your choice
25  Don’t take things to heart
26  Have a healthy sleep patter
27  Select friends that lift you up
28  Make the most of now
29  See failure as an opportunity
30  Let go of what can’t be changed

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