Kevin Tarte on his way to Hamburg

The rehearsals will start today, and his premiere as Graf von Krolock in the musical „Tanz der Vampire“ on Friday, so it was about time that Kevin hit the road to Hamburg. Well, find out in our fun little movie what happened on his way …

This is our third little reel and it has been so much fun working with this crew again. The idea came a while back when we sat over Tacos & Margaritas and Kevin told us about his fun adventures back in the days when he performed the mysterious Graf von Krolock when it first came to Stuttgart. Sometimes he was rehearsing his songs singing out loud in his car on his way to the theater. Every now and then he had to stop by a gas station to fill up his tank. At his convenience he would just continue to wear his vampire fangs when quickly rushing to the cashier and pay. He must have caused a few scary situations talking to the poor cashier guys with his vampire fangs in his mouth. I bet they either thought this dude is totally nuts or were secretly wetting their pants with fear 😉

Please enjoy our scary little movie and do yourself a huge favor and go see Kevin Tarte performing as the Graf von Krolock in Hamburg this week!

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