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Hello January

I’m a tiny bit late with this post due to some serious downtime, resting up and refilling. For those of you who have exchanged the „A little extra“ calendars yesterday, and turned pages to January, let me tell you a little bit about these two lovelies who will certainly brighten your month. Meet Sophie and [...]

A little extra GIVEAWAY alert

GIVEAWAY ALERT! December is the month of gift-giving. Although I firmly believe that the best things in life are free .... like love, a kiss or a hug .... Well, this gift idea below gets pretty close to these :) David Neufeld (my awesome publisher) and I have been doing the „A little extra Wall [...]

Happy First of May

It has been raining all day long on my little corner of the world, but this little cutie brings so much sunshine. Happy First of May, everyone!


Hello March!

Spring is just around the corner and I guess we’re all ready to get on the swing again somewhere beautiful outside, like our sweet calendar girl Sanya. I got a bit more dramatic into the swing of things again and welcomed this month with a big and swollen blue right eye (it’s more a beautiful [...]

Hello February!

Whenever I’m feeling down, I just need to look at this picture and I can’t help but smile again. LOVE and LAUGH, that’s all there is to it! We're so thrilled that there are only a few of our 2017 A little extra Wall Calendars left. If you feel like your favourite wall at home [...]

Merry Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping can be so much fun. I hope we’ll make lots of people happy with our 2017 „A little extra“ wall calendar - which means 365 days of sunshine! Today is the last chance you can order our wall calendar and get as a bonus 5 cute postcards of kids with a little extra.

Buy one calendar – get 5 postcards!

The first thing you see in the morning can set the tone for the whole day. So true! With our "A little extra" wall calendar 2017 you have 365 beautiful reasons to wake up with a smile every day! So do yourself a favor and order a calendar for yourself, and get FIVE POSTCARDS from [...]

Hello October!

Didn’t I just flip around the calendar sheet for September? And now it’s already October??! Even my kids said yesterday how fast time flew after they have been back to school. October is such a wonderful time of year to get outside and enjoy the scenery. I love all the beautiful golden and rust color […]


Hello again and Happy Monday

So this morning I flipped my calendar page to this little cutiepatootie both being happy and sad. Happy to be back here and to my old and familiar routine (well almost - the kids have another week enjoying their holidays), and sad, because August had been such an incredible month, and I truly enjoyed being [...]