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Nati and Finn

Last week when we had our photo shoot with Tamara, my wonderful friend and trusted makeup artist Nati brought this cute little fellow along who immediately caused some serious baby fever amongst all us women. Grandma had to come and go get him, so that we could go back to work. ;-) This week these [...]

Happy 10th Anniversary Schmetterlingszauber

In 2007 I published my book „Schmetterlingszauber“ which is about the wonderful friendship of three beautiful little girls. Juliana became friends with Hannah and Lilly in the early days of kindergarten. They loved spending lots of time together, whether they hung out at home or on the playground having fun galore. Sometimes they had cute [...]

46PLUS goes Special Olympics

It’s about time I show you a few impressions of our wonderful trip to Offenburg last month where Juliana and our rad 46PLUS tribe participated at the Special Olympics. Although our heroes came back with lots of gold, silver and bronze medals and we all burst with pride and did numerous happy dances on and […]


Außergewöhnlich in der Stuttgarter Zeitung

Nicolas und Juliana haben Großes vor. Mehr geht dann eigentlich gar nicht mehr. Jedenfalls nicht im Wasser und nicht unter Aufsicht der Schwimmjuroren. Das Geschwisterpaar ist gut im Training. Es wird Anfang Mai wohl klappen mit dem goldenen Totenkopfabzeichen. Dann haben es der Zwölfjährige und seine 15-jährige Schwester amtlich und mit Urkunde: sie können beide [...]

Happy Easter

Hippity hoppity EASTER is on it's WAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Wishing you guys some beautiful days off, doing something fun, recharging your batteries, and going on a successful egg(nog) hunt. Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Juliana and Felix have been knowing each other since her early baby days. Felix had always been one of the coolest kids on the block and luckily just around our block, so they grew up together. When Felix' family moved away, we were all crushed. They are heavily missed, luckily we get to see them [...]

Happy 12th Birthday, Nicolas!

I remember when both my kids were babies, I photographed them every single day. I literally had folders I actually named after the date and not after the event. Nowadays it’s events, because the older the kids get, the less I photograph them. They are teens now, and are much more conscious about themselves. And [...]

HAPPY MONDAY with Kevin Tarte

It took us a little over three months to finally get back together and celebrate our adventurous trip to Rome and of course Kevin’s calendar. The original plan was to do an Italian movie night over at Kevin’s and watching one of my favorite movies of all time „Roman Holiday“ and snacking on Italian dolce [...]

HAPPY MONDAY feat. Valerie Link

The other day I had thanked one of my loyal and sweet followers who always throws kindness around like confetti for her wonderful feedback. Every time she goes out of her way and takes the time to appreciate my work, she truly makes my day in ways she’ll never know. Giving feedback truly is an [...]

🎉 Happy New Year 🎉

It’s one of my favorite times of the year, the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. (Almost) everyone is taking the days off, and our days were filled with visiting friends & family or having our favorite people over for good food and drinks. It's the time of the year to reflect and look [...]