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Unplugged in South Tyrol

We are back! Back to Stuttgart. Back to school. Back to our routine. Some of you might have wondered where to I have been disappeared. In the midst of our holidays I followed my heart, put the phone away and just unplugged. And it felt so incredibly good. So much peace of mind. No interruptions. [...]

#5 Marseille // France

The morning we reached the last stop of our Mediterranean cruise ride, we were welcomed by the oldest and second largest city of France, and already saw its most magnificent building, Marseille’s most impressive landmark: the Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde majestically bathing in a golden light at dawn. After our classic French [...]

#4 Barcelona // Spain

The tragic sad motorway bridge collapse in Genoa - which we have only crossed a week ago - makes it quite hard to now share happy vacation pictures. Our next stop was beautiful Barcelona. The fact that we had just been there three years ago for my birthday, took the pressure off of feeling the [...]

#3 Valletta // Mdina // Malta

Just as our Captain had promised, entering the Grand Harbor of Valletta with the sun just rising at 6:09 am is just breathtaking and something you’ll never forget. Unlike most other cruise harbors, the port of Valletta is one of the most spectacular natural deep water harbours in the Mediterranean. We were greeted with a [...]

#2 Sicily // Taormina

Next stop on our Mediaterranen tour was Messina, Sicily. We immediately hopped onto a taxi to get to the beautiful old town Taormina, and the journey was definitely a highlight itself. Luigi, our lovable cab driver, was playing some quirky and uplifting Tarantella songs while driving us along the scenic winding roads up to this [...]

#1 Pompeii and Naples

Our first stop in Italy was Naples. We had the nicest tour guide, Massimo, aka taxi driver who took us first to the largest archeological site of the world, Pompeii, driving along castles, cliffs and Mount Vesuvius. Pompeii did not disappoint and was absolutely spectacular. Ever since I had Latin in school and the most [...]

Our first time on a cruise ship

This summer we tried something new: we hopped on a cruise ship to explore the Mediterranean Sea and all its beauty. One of our family members had wished for this once-in-a-lifetime-experience for her big birthday, and her wish was most certainly our command. ;-) Today I would like to share a few impressions of this [...]

Special Olympics 2018 in Kiel

Here’s a little trip report (in gazillion images) from our wonderful week in Kiel last week, where we proudly attended the national Special Olympics with our 46PLUS Down-Syndrom Stuttgart e. V. athletes team. We were a group of 20 people altogether, and although we all spent our time together from early dawn till midnight every [...]

Valerie and her boys

These images pretty much sum up what life is all about: unconditional love, having fun, being creative, lots of hugging and kissing, being outside and soaking up the spring sun … cappuccino and cookies (well, you can’t actually see them, they are securely hiding behind me ;-) ) etc. … This little cutiepatootie will be [...]

COFFEE TALK with Veronique Spiteri

The beautiful Veronique Spiteri is one of these inspiring women who always make you leave better and happier than you came. I was fortunate to meet Vero six years ago through two mutual lovely friends of ours. On one of my short stays in Cologne we spontaneously met for coffee and Vero introduced me to [...]