HAPPY MONDAY with Kevin Tarte

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HAPPY MONDAY with Kevin Tarte

Sometimes I just need this reminder. How often do we take everything too personal and think it’s us, when someone treats us like dirt. Instead this poor action tells nothing about us, but a lot about themselves. Although we are so tempted to throw dirt back at them, we should never drop down to their level, but just walk away, and remember we’re better than that.

My good friend Kevin has always been a role model. Not only is he a true gentleman from the inside out. Also in all those years I’ve been knowing him and in all our conversations, did he never talk poorly about someone, although he might have had any reason for it. Instead he reminds himself that every single one of us has a story, has lost someone or has been hurt. This makes it a bit easier to let them go and not holding any grudges. It also reminds me of this buddhist saying: When someone backs themselves into a corner, look the other way, until they get themselves out, and then act as though it never happened.

Have a great start into this week, everyone! And if someone is rude to you, remember it’s not you. It’s them. Treat them with kindness and respect, not because they are nice, but because you are.

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    • Nicole Frost-
    • Februar 20, 2017 um 11:39 pm-
    • Antworten

    Es tut immer wieder gut, Deinen Blog zu lesen!!
    Manchmal fällt es sehr schwer, obigen Rat zu befolgen!!
    In unserer Gesellschaft und unserem Umfeld ist es nicht leicht seinen Weg zu gehen! Ich muss selbst an mir arbeiten, was dieses Statement betrifft. Aber ich bin dabei.
    Besondere „Lifeguards“ wie Ihr beide es seid, weisen mir immer wieder den Weg und helfen mir durch den Irrgarten des Alltags zu kommen.

    Ich bin so dankbar und stolz, Euch beiden begegnet zu sein. Kevin, my soultherapist, Conny, my lifecoach.
    Oft genug habe ich von Euch Hilfe erhalten. Im Gespräch, in der Musik und auch unbewusst, ohne dass ihr es bemerkt habt. Ist aber so. Thank you so much for being there!!
    You both make every day of my life more brighter and worth to live for!💫💫🌟🌟

    • Immer wieder DANKE DANKE DANKE!!! Was würden wir bloß ohne Dich machen!!! 😘

    • Nicole Frost-
    • März 14, 2017 um 12:56 pm-
    • Antworten

    The same to you both ::))

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