Tamara’s second dream job

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Tamara’s second dream job

A year ago a dream came true for the girl with the freckles: After graduating from vocational school, Tamara immediately landed – as luck would have it – a job in the free economy. So whenever she’s not modeling or acting , she works for a company who manufactures cool beach slippers. When I paid her a visit (for an editorial), she proudly showed me around, introduced me to all her rad coworkers and her boss. I was immediately intrigued with the kind, fun and loving working atmosphere there. I strongly believe that a company is only as extraordinary as its people. And that it takes all kinds of people to make the company go round.

Tamara has always been a huge inspiration. She’s a girl who shows up and never gives up. She always believes that anything is possible and is willing to work hard for it. Kudos to her mom who has raised a strong, kind, smart and loving girl who changes the world, a tiny little bit at a time.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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