Tamara’s Day

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Tamara’s Day

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of having one of my favorite models – the girl with the freckles – in front of my camera again. What a treat! I have been knowing and photographing this beautiful young woman for eleven years now, and Tamara never ceases to amaze me. When I learned that Tamara is sporting the stellar jewelry of Michaela Römer and the dresses from the cult label Blutsgeschwister, I was sold!

That day we had been accompanied by a German TV team that will soon air a portrait of Tamara and her love for modeling on „ARD/BRISANT“. When they asked me what makes Tamara so special in front of my camera and being a model, one of my answers was that beyond a million other things I just love her spontaneity and that you never know what she’s up to next. Last week I had another photo shoot with a beautiful actress. I could immediately tell that she’s an actress, because she was always waiting for my directions how to pose. Not so Tamara. I always bring a concept to an editorial shoot, but then Tamara takes over with her own ideas, and I just go with her flow. I remember our very first photo shoot for my book „Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück“. Tamara’s family and I had set up a meeting point at the metro station for the shoot. From there we wanted to walk together the 200 m to the designated shooting location. We never got there, because Tamara immediately started her posing magic – in front of a construction area. We wrapped up there thirty minutes later. 😉

This editorial lifestyle shoot and its amazing group of people was exactly what I needed in this busy and crazy season. A huge thank you to Michaela Römer for hosting us that day in her dream studio in the most beautiful way possible – you really set the bar high. We love you! Also a huge thank you to the sisters of Blutsgeschwister – we are all big suckers for your rad clothing. And last but not least a big applause to the rest of my trusted gang … you guys always make me feel comfortable to be around, bring me so much joy and definitely fill my cup. (Ulli, we missed you big time!)

Please enjoy a few images from „Tamara’s day“ – and be head over heels in love again with this beautiful girl!

Photography: Conny Wenk
TV team: B.L.& P. Film | TV | New Media
Makeup/Hair: Natalie Kottmann
Model: Tamara Röske
Furry Model: Chiara
Jewelry: Michaela Römer
Clothing: Blutsgeschwister
Stylist: Michaela Pisano
Behind the scenes: Antje Röske
Set Assistant: Sigrid Friedrich

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