Tamara bei der SWR Landesschau

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Tamara bei der SWR Landesschau

Luckily there are media libraries nowadays so that you can catch up later in case you missed something important on TV. Like last night, when my favourite model Tamara Röske was on TV at the SWR Landesschau (***WATCH IT HERE***). I couldn’t be any prouder to call her muse. I’ve been photographing Tamara for over ten years now, and she’s been featured in three of my books (Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück, Freundschaft and Außergewöhnlich: Geschwisterliebe) and we had two amazing editorial shoots – in Paris and Rome (which will be published soon!). Tamara’s biggest dream has always been becoming a model – and so she did. Dreams do come true, if you only work hard enough and never ever give up on them. Yesterday I had the great pleasure of visiting Tamara on set of „Fack ju Göhte III“, and it melted my heart to see all these incredible people being smitten by this beautiful girl with the freckles who radiates so much joy and love on set. More Tamara and Elyas M’Barek goodness coming soon!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and enjoy filling up all your Vitamin-D-tanks!

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