Steffi & Susi

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Steffi & Susi

I have been one lucky girl to celebrate these girls’ beautiful friendship every year with a photo shoot. Steffi and Susi are very dear to my heart. They are role models and I bet you they don’t even know it, as humble as they are. These girls have hearts as big and as warming as the sun. They shine as bright as the sun, and they bring out the best of each other. They are each other’s medicine for their wounded hearts, and vitamins for their soul. They are always there for one another and go through thick and thin. They accept each other for who and what they are, and help each other to become the person they are meant to be. Simply put they make each other’s life better by just being in it.

Steffi and Susi thank you so much for all you do, for who you are and for being the kindest people on this planet. Every time I get to hang out with you guys I leave happier than I came. Thank you for introducing me to the yummiest cupcakes and coffee, for your trust and loyalty, and for always laughing at my silly jokes. You girls are true gems!

Have a beautiful week, everyone!

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