New Website „The Girl with the Freckles“

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New Website „The Girl with the Freckles“

Last night we came back from our Easter holidays. Although the weather had been really awful, I had not only insisted that we will still do our goofy easter egg hunt challenge outside in the cold and wet, I had also enjoyed my little social media detox program, and what can I say, it felt really great. To my great surprise the kids had been offline too, at least most of the time. Since I have so much enjoyed being offline, I hope I will not fully neglect my happy place here and still post more often.

Back to being online: It was definitely about time that my website „The Girl with the Freckles“ got a little facelift. Not because I didn’t like it’s stone age static style from 2010 anymore, but because websites nowadays in the age of smartphones just have to be responsive. So I shifted all its content onto this new site, and added our latest adventure in Rome. More about that and lots of Tamara goodness coming soon, I promise! For now, please feel free to browse all our adventures and heavily fall in love again with the beautiful girl with the freckles.


Happy Monday, everyone!

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