New eBook: Anything is possible

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New eBook: Anything is possible

Today my partner-in-crime Tamara and I are super duper excited to proudly presenting you guys our very first eBook. Well, I have to admit though that it took me a while to slowly become friends with the idea of not publishing something in paper, but only in a digital version. If you know me a bit, then you definitely know that I totally belong to the old school. I love to hold an analog book in my hands, to flip through it over and over again and put it on my coffee table or night stand. Also since I have already published a book this year, and will publish another one in autumn next year, I fell more and more in love with the possibility of publishing a digital book. The beautiful side effect: I can carry it with me on my iPad wherever I go. And that is fantastic. Because this eBook is such an uplifter … but first back to where it all started ….

Tamara has always dreamt of being a model. I know how much she loves fashion and how much she enjoys posing in front of my camera. I have been knowing Tamara for eleven years now and she’s been featured in four of my books. It all started with „Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück“, then I portrayed Tamara with her BFF Giuliana in my book „Freundschaft“, and this year together with her brother in „Außergewöhnlich: Geschwisterliebe“.

I had done many fashion shoots with all kinds of beautiful models whether for catalogs, calendars, lookbooks, or comp cards, but one day it all of a sudden hit me and I wondered how it would be to have a model with down syndrome on an editorial shoot in a beautiful city. So I took her to Paris – that was seven years ago.

Our trip to Paris turned out to be one of my most beautiful and unforgettable experiences ever. I published the photo book „The Girl with the Freckles“ and I knew that we had to repeat this adventure one day in another city. This time we would go to Rome.

Not only did I come back with tons of beautiful images of the girl with the freckles, I also knew that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and if you work hard on your dreams, because Tamara is the living proof.

Back in 2010 when we returned from our shooting trip to Paris, Tamara was completely hooked to pursue a modeling career, so she and her mom got busy sending out applications along with her comp card to model agencies. Sadly the rejections kept coming, sometimes with the odd explanation that she would have way too many freckles.

But Tamara didn’t give up. She was so determined to become a model that nothing on earth could stop her to pursue her dream. When you fully commit yourself to your dream path, doors will eventually open in the most unexpected and surprising places. Although Tamara didn’t land a job in the modeling world at that time, she got booked as an actress in a popular German crime and investigation TV series. Only a few months later, another killer opportunity knocked on Tamara’s door. She got a casting call for the second sequel of the crazy popular movie „Fack ju Göhte“, and instantly landed the job. How incredibly awesome!

This photo ebook is for everyone who has already fallen in love with the girl with the freckles and wants to follow her along on her new adventure in this ancient magnificent city of Rome. It is for everyone who needs a little pick-me-up and a reminder that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and if you’re willing to work at it. And last but not least this book is dedicated to the girl with the freckles herself, who is such a role model and huge inspiration. The beautiful images of Tamara and the empowering quotes alongside fill the book with love, beauty and encouragement.

Please enjoy a little sneak peek into the eBook:

If our eBook „Anything is possible“ would be in print, it would look like this …. Enjoy a little glimpse with the girl with the freckles into our book …. ❤️

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