Nati and Finn

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Nati and Finn

Last week when we had our photo shoot with Tamara, my wonderful friend and trusted makeup artist Nati brought this cute little fellow along who immediately caused some serious baby fever amongst all us women. Grandma had to come and go get him, so that we could go back to work. 😉

This week these two guys stopped by for coffee, and I couldn’t resist to snap a few images. After all, I’m his biggest fan and I’ve been knowing and loving him since his day one. Meanwhile Finn is six months old and already a little heartbreaker. When I look into my oracle crystal ball, I see already tons of girls queuing in front of their house, haha!

Have a wonderful relaxing weekend, everyone! I am already on my way to a long girls weekend in Switzerland with my good ol’ college besties. I am pretty sure on Monday I will have a sore throat from talking talking talking with them all day long, but it will be totally worth it, cause these kind of trips are the best, they nurture your soul.

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  • So lovely my angels

    • Nicole Frost-
    • Juli 11, 2017 um 10:21 am-
    • Antworten

    Was für ein Sonnenschein!!

    Hoffe Du hattest ein tolles WE „with your girls!“ haha
    Bin immer noch im LaHo-Stress!
    Kommt doch auch mal! Ist so toll hier bei uns! (Haben jetzt ein neues Bad und Schlafraum zusätzlich im Haus ;))
    Nebenbei, Conny wir haben immer noch keinen Prosecco zusammen getrunken!! Wird mal Zeit!!


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