Hello March!

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Hello March!

Spring is just around the corner and I guess we’re all ready to get on the swing again somewhere beautiful outside, like our sweet calendar girl Sanya.

I got a bit more dramatic into the swing of things again and welcomed this month with a big and swollen blue right eye (it’s more a beautiful arrangement in the colors blue, green, violet and yellow, haha!). Guess what happened: last night Juliana wanted to browse in Grandma’s photo albums. After she finished the first big and super heavy one, I grabbed it and wanted to put it back up into the upper shelves higher than my hands can reach. With lots of momentum I jumped up, but the album didn’t get back between the other albums, but bounced back on one with even more momentum and onto my face, just below my eye. I think I almost fainted frozen in shock when I looked into the mirror, bleeding and swelling and all red and when I laid down on the couch with tons of coolers in my face and my little nurse Juliana holding my hands and successfully commiserating with me, I already thought about an excuse explaining my looks to people who will definitely think I got into a big argument with my husband. 😉

Seriously though, this was a hurtful reminder that things could have gotten worse (I’m talking millimeters beyond the eye!), and all of a sudden I felt so grateful again for all I have.

I hope you guys welcomed this new month a bit more joyful and accident-free. Stay positive! Today people on the street will think I’m so positive with my sunglasses on … expecting that the sun will eventually show up. 😉

Hello 1st of March, everyone!

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