Hello January

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Hello January

I’m a tiny bit late with this post due to some serious downtime, resting up and refilling. For those of you who have exchanged the „A little extra“ calendars yesterday, and turned pages to January, let me tell you a little bit about these two lovelies who will certainly brighten your month.

Meet Sophie and Roseni! There is something about this image I absolutely love and what gives me good vibes and positive energy every time I look at it. It’s these two girls and what they radiate! They love life, and life loves them right back. Their happy attitudes are simply contagious. They obviously don’t take life too seriously, and have fun until their bellies hurt. They are beautiful in every sense of the word. They are friends, really good friends and will always be there for each other. They are the kind of people you wish to have as your friends, and join them on the trampoline, for coffee and long walks in nature. So whenever you’re tempted to get the January blues, these girls are therapeutic, I guarantee you! 😉

Happy January, everyone!

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