Happy Birthday, Beate!

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Happy Birthday, Beate!

Seriously one of my highlights every year is my photo shoot with these two beauties: Beate & Finn. These two never cease to amaze me. Every year Finn comes along with a new skill or new milestone. And every year Beate and I have something to celebrate, so she brings along either Prosecco-to-go, Cosmopolitan or some other cool drink. This year we raised our delicious cans for her birthday.

Although Beate surprises me every year with some stellar new dresses for our shoot, this year I insisted to stick to this one, because it couldn’t have been more perfect for our location. I love love love bright colors. And, oh I loved her dress! It was gracing the cover of the January issue of „Brigitte“ and she just had to order it. Good choice!

Beate and Finn are very dear to my heart. These two make this world a much more beautiful place. They are lots of fun, beyond beautiful, and oh-so adventurous. Because while I was chickening out, Beate and Finn kept riding and riding the rollercoaster which was crazy fast BTW.

Happy happy Birthday, pretty lady! Have a larger than life, indescribably marvelous, intensely fabulous, absolutely radical out-of-breath fun and happy-beyond-compare Birthday!

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