Happy 10th Anniversary Schmetterlingszauber

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Happy 10th Anniversary Schmetterlingszauber

In 2007 I published my book „Schmetterlingszauber“ which is about the wonderful friendship of three beautiful little girls. Juliana became friends with Hannah and Lilly in the early days of kindergarten. They loved spending lots of time together, whether they hung out at home or on the playground having fun galore. Sometimes they had cute picnics in front of the house. Or they dressed up like little princesses, polishing their nails, having little „imitation“ tattoos, singing and dancing, telling bedtime stories to each other and of course, lots of jumping on the bed. When they moved away, not only Juliana was crushed, but I was too. They have been heavily missed by us ever since.

Flash forward ten years. My little butterflies have really grown up and became three darling teenagers – so incredibly beautiful from the inside out. When I saw them hang out again, I secretly shed some sentimental mommy tears. I can’t believe how much they have grown and that time has flown so fast.

Happy 10th Anniversary, you beautiful girls! I love you so much! And more importantly: Happy Birthday, sweet Hannah! 🎉❤️🍀 You’re a rock star!

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