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It’s impossible to meet this beautiful little girl and not leave happier than you came. Should someone ask me what my profession is, I would of course answer that I am a photographer and sometimes author of books portraying cute and cool rockstars 🙂 Then I’d be also incredibly tempted to answer that I have always been a researcher for happiness and the secret of why some people radiate so much and have this glow, and some don’t. Greta ❤️ is full of this glow. In TCM it’s called „shen“. Greta glows so much because she’s full of pure love, pure joy, pure kindness … her heart is pure.

Of course we are all born with a pure heart. Unfortunately when we grow up and the older we get, this pureness gets hidden under lots and lots of layers of hurt, prejudice, hate, rejection, breakups etc. When I tell you that I believe in the magic of the 47th chromosome I am not kidding. Lots of our kids are able to preserve and keep this pureness of their hearts. They do not lose the ability to see with their hearts and not only their eyes.

I am not only a big fan of Greta because she radiates so much joy and happiness, but because we have quite a few things in common. I love the idea that her birthday is one day before mine (we are both pesces) … I am also intrigued that her favorite color is yellow, like mine. The day of our shoot Greta picked already tons of flowers for mother’s day. 😉 She loves dandelions. When I showed her a meadow with beautiful white flowers, she wasn’t interested at all and went back to the dandelion paradise we had discovered before.

But maybe yellow was not even her favorite color, but she felt drawn to the dandelions for other reasons. Yesterday I was treated by one of my good old friends for an „edible wild herbs“ workshop in the beautiful Black Forest. This was a dream come true and I learned so much. There is a reason that May is also called the „merry month of May“. Dandelions are now in full bloom and one of the healthiest herbs mother nature has to offer. They are the ginseng of the west. Our guide recommended to now chew on 3 to 4 milky dandelion stems every day. They taste quite bitter, but they are very healing for the pancreas, liver and gall bladder. Some of us do still intuitively know what to do and what is good for their body.

Please enjoy a few images of this little sunshine from Tyrol – you might also crave for some dandelion salad today 🙂

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