Dear David, dear Jamie!

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Dear David, dear Jamie!

Dear David,
dear Jamie,

When your Dad texted me earlier this week that your beloved Mom had died, I had to pinch myself a million times and reread his message, because I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t. I still open his text every day and reread it.

I am truly shocked and saddened by the loss of your wonderful Mom. The world is minus one bright light. Your Mom was someone special for me. Not only was she one of my very first clients when I officially started my photography business in 2007, she also was THE client who made a family shoot EVERY single year a top priority. And we always made it happen. And every year she treated her closest family & friends with darling Christmas cards and customized calendars from our fun photo shoots, because she was such a caring and thoughtful human being.

I loved your Mom because she was always up for something fun, and she didn’t take herself too seriously. I so much enjoyed hanging out with her, because she had always put me so at ease. She was such a loyal and uplifting cheerleader, and always made my days in ways she’ll probably never knew.

She was a beautiful model, a companion in age, and the best mother. Watching her all the years raising two incredibly cute and kind and nice and smart and fun twin brothers fills me with immense gratitude. She was such an inspiring mother, she still is.

She was also such a wonderful wife to an awesome husband and father.

The loss of your Mom leaves a huge hole on this side of heaven. I am thankful and honored for all these beautiful moments with her. While there are no words that can comfort you, your Dad and your family and friends at this very sad time, please know that I will never forget her and that my thoughts are with you all.

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    • Claudia-
    • März 22, 2018 um 10:02 pm-
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    How very very sad. Beautiful photos, wonderful memories.

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