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Happy 13th Birthday, Nicolas!

As of today, we have two teenagers living in our home. Thirteen years ago he came into my life and has made me laugh and smile everyday since. He’s one of the greatest gifts life has provided me with. Since Juliana made us become parents for the first time, everything she did seemed kinda „normal“ [...]

Außergewöhnlich in der Stuttgarter Zeitung

Nicolas und Juliana haben Großes vor. Mehr geht dann eigentlich gar nicht mehr. Jedenfalls nicht im Wasser und nicht unter Aufsicht der Schwimmjuroren. Das Geschwisterpaar ist gut im Training. Es wird Anfang Mai wohl klappen mit dem goldenen Totenkopfabzeichen. Dann haben es der Zwölfjährige und seine 15-jährige Schwester amtlich und mit Urkunde: sie können beide [...]

Happy 12th Birthday, Nicolas!

I remember when both my kids were babies, I photographed them every single day. I literally had folders I actually named after the date and not after the event. Nowadays it’s events, because the older the kids get, the less I photograph them. They are teens now, and are much more conscious about themselves. And [...]

🌟 Merry Christmas 🌟

I hope you guys are having a magical time with all your loved ones ... filling your cup and celebrating life. And for those of you who struggle during this holiday season, please remember that you're not alone and that every day is a new opportunity to become a better person, to get up on your [...]

Hello from Slovenia

Ever since the official countdown to our summer vacation was running, and every time someone was asking me whereto we’ll be heading this year, I was almost hesitating to answer that question and giving away that we’re going to Slovenia. Because almost nobody I know has ever been there, and all the people we know […]