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Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Juliana and Felix have been knowing each other since her early baby days. Felix had always been one of the coolest kids on the block and luckily just around our block, so they grew up together. When Felix' family moved away, we were all crushed. They are heavily missed, luckily we get to see them [...]

Happy Monday with Sidonie Smith and Chris Ryan

Today's food for thought: Never stop investing your time and efforts in someone who means the world to you. Have a great start into this week, everyone! Happy spring!

Happy Monday

Many years ago when I still worked in the corporate world, and felt totally overworked and trapped in the rat race, one of my close friends sent me the following text after I had cancelled dinner with him, because I needed to stay late at work preparing a presentation: „You have the same amount of [...]

The more – the merrier! Nati, Jan & „Schnuffi“

When Jan realized that his ladder is way too short to hang the „mistletoe“ onto the tree. They kissed nevertheless and I believe the making-of’s always make the best pictures anyway. ’Tis the season you guys …. I love me some Nati and Jan. Last night I told them that I was a bit sad [...]