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COFFEE TALK with Stefanie

In today’s „Coffee Talk“ I welcome the wonderful Stefanie who is not only incredibly kind and super humorous, but who’s also such an inspiration to talk to and be around. Stefanie had hit rock bottom several times in her life. She could have just very well given up every time when life threw her another [...]

Welcome little Finn!

One of my bestestest 😉, sweetest and most incredible highlights of this year just happened a few days ago, when this precious little gift (just perfect for Christmas) was born. Finn is not only the cutest baby boy on the block, but also a little fighter who had meanwhile passed all his tests. When Finn’s wonderful [...]


Please don't laugh when I admit that I'm a huge Heidi-Fan. No, not as in Germany's next topmodel. I am talking about the popular Japanese anime television series which was created back in the 1970s. The sweet girl Heidi who lives with her grandfather „Almöhi" in the beautiful Swiss Alps and who makes everyone's heart [...]