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Unplugged in South Tyrol

We are back! Back to Stuttgart. Back to school. Back to our routine. Some of you might have wondered where to I have been disappeared. In the midst of our holidays I followed my heart, put the phone away and just unplugged. And it felt so incredibly good. So much peace of mind. No interruptions. [...]

Jolina & Jenna

I’ve been knowing and loving and photographing this adorable family for 13 years now, ever since Jolina was a wee 6-week-old baby girl. Sandra and Stefan were brave enough to show up at our monthly 46plus down syndrome meetup, although they had just entered their new world of living with a little extra. Just in [...]

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

15 years ago a bunch of determined parents with a clear mission founded the charity group „46PLUS Down-Syndrom Stuttgart e. V.“ ... I can proudly say I’ve been one of them, and ever since I had the great pleasure of working with an amazing team on various cool projects in order to raise down syndrome [...]

COFFEE TALK with Katharina Weides

Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day. Meanwhile lots and lots of people with and without Down Syndrome and those who live and work with them all over this planet will organize and participate in activities and events to raise public awareness. When I think of the little extra of my daughter, I will always remember [...]

Mentoring Session with Anja

Every year this beautiful sunshine is coming to Stuttgart for a mentoring session, and every time it’s my happy day, my happy week! We always have so much to talk about that the morning goes by in no time. Yesterday we talked about how to balance family and work and your hobbies ... and I [...]

COFFEE TALK with Carina Kühne

So thrilled to have the wonderful actress, speaker and activist for raising down syndrome awareness and inclusion - CARINA KÜHNE - on my „Coffee Talk“ today. I’ve been knowing Carina and her family since 2004, when Hermann Stüssel introduced us and praised her magnificent piano playing skills. I feel incredibly honored that Carina and her [...]

Hello January

I’m a tiny bit late with this post due to some serious downtime, resting up and refilling. For those of you who have exchanged the „A little extra“ calendars yesterday, and turned pages to January, let me tell you a little bit about these two lovelies who will certainly brighten your month. Meet Sophie and [...]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! I like this time of the year when everything and everywhere it’s kind of „quiet“ and you get a chance to sit down and reflect of what made you happy, what worked and what didn’t last year. Although all the new year-new you thing sounds a bit cliche, there is power [...]

Merry Christmas!

After this quite challenging Advent season where Juliana had been really sick since December 1, we got out of the hospital right on time and enjoying the rest of the Christmas season in full swing. Hope you guys are healthy and soaking up all the magic – I’ll be back soon! Until then have a […]


A little different Christmas

This Christmas season had quite a few surprises for us in store. Right at the beginning of December, Juliana got really high fever (between 39,5 and 40,2 °C), and it wouldn’t cool down. We found out that she had the kissing disease (well just without the kissing), also known as infectious mononucleosis, caused by the [...]