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Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Juliana and Felix have been knowing each other since her early baby days. Felix had always been one of the coolest kids on the block and luckily just around our block, so they grew up together. When Felix' family moved away, we were all crushed. They are heavily missed, luckily we get to see them [...]

My new book: „Außergewöhnlich: Geschwisterliebe“

I’m beyond thrilled that my new book „Außergewöhnlich: Geschwisterliebe“ went to print today and will be officially published on April 19 - YEAH! Until the book hits the shelves, it can be directly ordered for 17,90 € (instead of 19,90 €) at the Neufeld Verlag. This offer is valid until April 18, so don't wait [...]

Sophie and Roseni Kurányi

A couple of weeks ago my good friend Sylvia had spontaneously invited a bunch of amazing women for coffee, and to be more precise: for Champagne and to celebrate her birthday. Since we expected dinner guests that evening, I told Sylvia that I will definitely stop by for a big birthday hug, but will only [...]

Außergewöhnlich in „Shift Mag“

While the kids and I have been gone pretty much the whole summer holidays (vacationing in Slovenia and Italy and staying with Oma and Opa), I am pretty busy now with catching up and responding to all the e-mails which are slumbering in my e-mailbox (thank you guys for all your patience!!!) and all things [...]

Sophie with Jason Reilly & Anna Osadcenko

Ten years ago our charity group 46PLUS Down-Syndrom Stuttgart e. V. had the wonderful opportunity of a photo shoot at the Stuttgart Ballet for our wall calendar with celebrities and kids with a little extra. We couldn't have been more blessed with the two models: the outstanding and internationally renowned ballet dancer Jason Reillyand our adorable eleven-year-old Sophie who had [...]