Beate & Finn

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Beate & Finn

These two guys are very dear to my heart … I have been photographing them ever since Finn was a cute little 3-year-old, and there is nothing more rewarding than growing up with your clients and hearing their story.

Beate is one of these strong women I really look up to and who heavily inspire me every time I get to hang out with them. She is one of these women who grow stronger and stronger every time I get to see her. When I met her almost a decade ago, she was a sweet caterpillar. She had gone through a lot One of the things was not knowing her beautiful son’s diagnosis being a special child and it really bothered her. I remember when she said to me that I am lucky, because my daughter Juliana has a distinct diagnosis (down syndrome) and therefore we belong to a big community, there are lots of informative books out there, and you roughly know what to expect.

Flash forward ten years later on this year’s photo shoot Beate came with wings … her transformation into the most beautiful butterfly is done. She came as a content and happy person and she exudes that happiness onto everyone around her. Bouncebackability is her superpower. She had taken all setbacks, adversity and challenges as an opportunity to grow. And she has grown so much.

Besides being so beautiful inside and out, Beate is also such a caring and thoughtful person. Every time we wrap our photo shoot, she pulls out her neat little coolbox with two pink proseccos, and then we cheer to womenhood, girlfriends, milestones, and talk about life. What a lovely tradition this has become. And we enjoy these little moments, because we already know they are the big things. 😉

Beate and Finn are such a dream team. My heart almost exploded when I saw that her adorable son had started talking this last year. What an incredible milestone! It just happened. I am beyond happy and proud!

Please enjoy a few images of these insanely wonderful people and be inspired. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  • Conny. Du schreibst die wundervollsten Texte und mir laufen die Tränen gerade, weil du Beate so toll beschrieben hast. Vielen Dank dafür!

    Liebe Grüße

    PS: Die Fotos sind auch ‚ganz nett‘ 😜 😉

    • Ganz ganz lieben Dank, liebe Tanja, ich freue mich mega!

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