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Summer Flowers

I can’t believe it snowed again last night. Aren’t we all ready for spring, warming sunbeams, sitting outside in cafés, and all the beautiful flowers blossoming colorfully. This year I can’t wait to grow my own flowers … thanks to my awesome publisher Neufeld Verlag and the Down-Syndrom InfoCenter who teamed up again for the [...]

Mentoring Session with Anja

Every year this beautiful sunshine is coming to Stuttgart for a mentoring session, and every time it’s my happy day, my happy week! We always have so much to talk about that the morning goes by in no time. Yesterday we talked about how to balance family and work and your hobbies ... and I [...]

Happy 13th Birthday, Nicolas!

As of today, we have two teenagers living in our home. Thirteen years ago he came into my life and has made me laugh and smile everyday since. He’s one of the greatest gifts life has provided me with. Since Juliana made us become parents for the first time, everything she did seemed kinda „normal“ [...]

Pleeeeaaase vote for Philipp!

Extremely honored and super happy for my little buddy Philipp who made it among the five shortlisted photos of the Eurodis photo award that helps raising awareness for rare diseases like Philipp’s brittle bone disease also known as Osteogenesis imperfecta. Philipp is my absolute hero. ❤️ The little time I’ve been knowing him, he mastered numerous bone [...]

Happy Monday

Last week at our lunch break we couldn’t help but wonder that some people actually sit together in a coffee shop/restaurant staring at their phones. It immediately let us reminisce over a time where smartphones didn’t rule the world, and where creating something state of the art was done with Wordart, ha! Johan and I [...]

COFFEE TALK with Carina Kühne

So thrilled to have the wonderful actress, speaker and activist for raising down syndrome awareness and inclusion - CARINA KÜHNE - on my „Coffee Talk“ today. I’ve been knowing Carina and her family since 2004, when Hermann Stüssel introduced us and praised her magnificent piano playing skills. I feel incredibly honored that Carina and her [...]

Dear David, dear Jamie!

Dear David, dear Jamie, When your Dad texted me earlier this week that your beloved Mom had died, I had to pinch myself a million times and reread his message, because I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t. I still open his text every day and reread it. I am truly shocked and saddened by [...]

Hello January

I’m a tiny bit late with this post due to some serious downtime, resting up and refilling. For those of you who have exchanged the „A little extra“ calendars yesterday, and turned pages to January, let me tell you a little bit about these two lovelies who will certainly brighten your month. Meet Sophie and [...]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! I like this time of the year when everything and everywhere it’s kind of „quiet“ and you get a chance to sit down and reflect of what made you happy, what worked and what didn’t last year. Although all the new year-new you thing sounds a bit cliche, there is power [...]

Merry Christmas!

After this quite challenging Advent season where Juliana had been really sick since December 1, we got out of the hospital right on time and enjoying the rest of the Christmas season in full swing. Hope you guys are healthy and soaking up all the magic – I’ll be back soon! Until then have a […]