A little different Christmas

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A little different Christmas

This Christmas season had quite a few surprises for us in store. Right at the beginning of December, Juliana got really high fever (between 39,5 and 40,2 °C), and it wouldn’t cool down. We found out that she had the kissing disease (well just without the kissing), also known as infectious mononucleosis, caused by the Epstein-Barr-virus. I remember I also had it really bad in high school, when I was 16 years old, and had to stay home for three weeks. As if this wouldn’t have been enough, she also got a severe pneumonia which forced us to go and check in in the hospital. Poor Juliana had to wear the oxygen mask day and night, cause her oxygen levels were really bad (plus/minus 80). Last night we finally were good to go home … and we are beyond happy that we may continue recovering from home sweet home. And we’re beyond grateful that we’re home for Christmas.

The last three weeks I realized that there is so much more to be grateful for. Ever since she was born, Juliana always provides the best lessons, although they most of the time show up in disguise. The last weeks had been quite intense (lots of worrying, sleep depriviation, back pain from the flat-bed, shuttling back-and-forth etc.), but I feel extremely slowed down and calm. Seriously! Dare I say that it felt sooo good to be not on social media for a while now? In the hospital we had no WiFi. What seemed at first like the worst thing that can ever happen to you (in this day and age), this forced downtime was instead truly the best gift I was given that season. I got to snuggle and enjoy my girl being fully present, and I could clear my thoughts and reflect and re-prioritize a lot. I had no idea how noisy our world has become.

I also automatically lowered all my expectations. No offense to the hospital cafeteria, but enjoying my home brewed cappuccino feels like the greatest luxury ever. Also sleeping in my own bed feels like a high-end spa experience.

I decided that my glass is half full, and I worked eagerly to strengthen my perspective muscle. It’s always about how you see things and how you react to them. We got to share our room with a cute baby girl who was suffering from an acute bronchitis. When her mom learned that Juliana has on top of her mono a severe pneumonia, she looked at me so concerned and in shock as if my girl was about to die soon. That made me worry so much more and I got anxious. The next day I bumped into an angel in the hospital cafeteria. Stefanie is the mom of a three-year-old rock star with brittle-bone-disease. When I told her why we are here, she said: „Oh, don’t you worry! Philipp is only three-years-old but had 16 pneumonias to date. You’re here in best hands and it will all be good.“ I can’t tell you how much she had made my day, and lifted me back up on my feet again. I truly believe that this gal is here on earth on a mission, too!

I certainly could ramble on forever here, but now I go back offline, we still have a lot of Christmas catching up to do. I wish you guys all the best, and also an angel „Stefanie“ in your life who lifts you up and gives you wings again and the perspective you need right now for whatever is making you worry.

Have a lovely Christmas season, everyone!

This was day one in the hospital, Juliana was pretty sick.

Juliana had to wear her oxygen mask 24/7. We brought our own sunshine into the hospital with our A little extra wall calendar 😉

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    • Claudia-
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    Hoffentlich alles restlos ausgeheilt! Mein Sohn hatte das Drüsenfieber fast zur gleichen Zeit – muss grassiert haben Ende letzten Jahres. Liebe Grüße.

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