Mentoring Session with Anja

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Mentoring Session with Anja

Every year this beautiful sunshine is coming to Stuttgart for a mentoring session, and every time it’s my happy day, my happy week! We always have so much to talk about that the morning goes by in no time.

Yesterday we talked about how to balance family and work and your hobbies … and I told Anja that I once heard that there is no such thing as balance. When you focus more on your work, time spent with your loved ones will suffer. And when you spend lots of time with your family & friends, you’ll be most likely behind with all your work. A wise woman once said that there is no such thing as balance, but to always listen to your gut and to your instincts, they’ll show you what to do, and what feels right.

Anja told me that a while ago she did the „strength finder test“ and found out that one of her strengths is to encourage other people, especially other Moms. She effectively uses her social media platforms to show them that life is not perfect, and that life is not about being perfect. In this day and age of social media where everyone is airbrushing their selfies and always presenting a completely unrealistic standard of beauty, she wants to show others Moms that being real is so much more beautiful. And she wants to show her three lovely daughters that she’s accepting her bodyand her aging, and that she’s proud of every single wrinkle and scar. Every morning we look into the mirror and then we immediately get flooded with negative thoughts and self-talk. We women are all in this together. Love who you are, because you are beautiful just the way you are. And always strive for being the best version of yourself. When you are kind and loving inside, believe me, it always shows on the outside. No makeup will ever be able to makeup for that.

Happy happy Birthday, you wonderful Sweetheart! 🎉💐🍾❤️ You certainly make this world a much better place!

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