46PLUS kocht „außergewöhnlich lecker“

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46PLUS kocht „außergewöhnlich lecker“

This summer is going to be delicious and I might just turn into a foodie. 😉 After we had published two „46PLUS celebrity calendars“ in 2007 and 2013 we thought it would be about time for another cool project with our kids. It didn’t take us long to come up with a new fun idea and earlier this year we had our kick off shoot with the awesome star cook Vincent Klink for an „inclusive cookbook“ where kids with down syndrome cook with their favorite chefs. This was the second time that this incredibly wonderful and generous man and gourmet cook had hosted us for a photo shoot and had us leave with big smiles on our faces and warm hearts.

On a side note: Last year my family and I went to the Wielandshöhe for lunch. This was the time when I had gone temporarily vegan due to my hundreds of food intolerances. When I asked the waiter what vegan options they would have, Vincent Klink himself came out of the kitchen and had prepared a super delicious menu – and I was in heaven! He is definitely one of these people who go the extra mile and pour their heart in everything that matters to them.

The 46PLUS book is planned to be published next autumn. Until then please stay tuned for a few updates every now and then and enjoy this little appetizer today. Star cook assistant Timo definitely rocked Vincent Klink’s kitchen, and let me tell you, these were the bestest and yummiest „Maultaschen“ we’ve ever eaten!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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