46PLUS goes Special Olympics

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46PLUS goes Special Olympics

It’s about time I show you a few impressions of our wonderful trip to Offenburg last month where Juliana and our rad 46PLUS tribe participated at the Special Olympics. Although our heroes came back with lots of gold, silver and bronze medals and we all burst with pride and did numerous happy dances on and off the athletics stadium, that is not what that whole event was all about.

It was all about one for all and all for one. Our kids celebrated and cheered each other, cried together and comforted each other. There was no winner and no loser. We were all in this together – and this is the best feeling in the world.

Find your tribe – love them hard.

We were a cool group of 23 people altogether, and we probably couldn’t have been more different in just about everything, but we got along so well the whole week that we now can’t wait for the 2018 Special Olympics to come. This kind of belonging and connection felt so good, and I believe the secret ingredient is the attitude, mental conditioning, cheerfulness and power of our rad team of trainers who always give 150 %.

Please enjoy a few images of our awesome athletes and have a great start into this week.






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