15. Down-Syndrom Sportlerfestival in Frankfurt

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15. Down-Syndrom Sportlerfestival in Frankfurt

Eleven years ago we shot our first calendar with 12 celebrities and our kids with down syndrome. One of our cool rockstars was my darling muse Tamara Röske, shot at the VfB Stuttgart stade with two VfB soccer players. At that time one of Tamara’s heroes was the super handsome goalkeeper Timo Hildebrand. I bet if she would have known that one day she will sit next to him at a press conference, she wouldn’t have believed it. Well, wait a minute …. actually I strongly believe … she would have. Because whatever this beautiful girl puts her mind to, she can do it and she does. And for Tamara there are no celebrities or people she would treat differently. Last Saturday at the 15th Down Syndrome Sports Festival she greeted Frankfurt’s Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann with the same gracious smile as the parking attendant who had let us in.

We had such a good time at this Sports Festival, met tons of incredible new people, enjoyed every minute with our „old“ tribe and soaked it all in. The atmosphere was unbeatable.

I decided to blog a couple of posts about this event, otherwise it would be an overkill, so please stay tuned! Enjoy a few first images – I hope they will bring a smile to your face.

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